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  • end-cap-signage_iHealth_create-it-packaging

    Packaging Strategies Magazine Features Create It Packaging

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, March 31, 2016 “Create It Packaging demonstrates staying power” published in Packaging Strategies Online Edition January 19, 2016 Since 1997, Create It Packaging has consistently been entrusted by Veridian’s leadership teams with… Read More
  • dog-treat-bags_blog-post

    Gone to The Dogs: Dog Treat Bag Flexible Packaging

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, March 15, 2016 Image Credit: PopSugar Our expertise in packaging dog treats continues to grow. Dog treat bag examples found on our website include Jazzy’s Natural Delights, Nancy Anne’s Pampered Pets, and Harry Barker Dog Treats. From specialty t… Read More
  • 5-Important-Food-and-Beverage Packaging-Trends

    5 Important Food and Beverage Packaging Trends

    By createit, February 1, 2016 The environments, lifestyles and behaviors of consumers are constantly evolving. Currently, marketers are identifying significant variations among household sizes and generational make-ups, particularly those concerning mille… Read More
  • Super-Tailgate Plate, Printed Box

    How Branded Shipping Boxes Help Your Brand

    By createit, January 6, 2016 Shelf display is one of the primary motivators of the packaging industry. However, the packaging process doesn’t always end with retail displays. Many companies we serve sell directly to online shoppers which dramatically incre… Read More
  • Product Packaging for Seniors

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, November 30, 2015 Image: Brand Packaging Magazine During the last several years, the term “millennial” has been drilled into our heads when making decisions regarding anything product-related. The general qualities evoked from product marketers… Read More
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    6 Trends Driving Flexible Packaging

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, October 22, 2015 Flexible packaging continues to remain one of the fastest growing sectors in packaging today. It’s economical, comes in virtually all shapes and sizes, extends shelf life of food/beverage products and is very customizable. Accord… Read More
  • packaging-communications-blog-post

    Packaging Communications: Choose Your Words Wisely

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, September 24, 2015 Choosing packaging is the final step before your product reaches the aisle, so production samples and mockups are the last chance to add anything that may impact a customer’s shopping decision. Make sure that your wording, or copywriti… Read More
  • Packaging Basics: What Consumers Expect

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, August 28, 2015 You have a great product that serves your customers’ needs. How do you get your customers to choose your product off the shelf instead of your competitor’s? The answer is packaging. Branding and product description are important to cu… Read More
  • Plastic Packaging for Personal Care Products

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, August 1, 2015 In today’s world, a key product characteristic that catches the eyes of consumers is sustainability. Words like “natural” and phrases like “BPA-free” or “eco friendly” stand out and give a sense of security to consumers.… Read More
  • The Right Packaging for Startups

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, July 9, 2015 Product packaging is one of key ingredients for successful marketing. Designing the right packaging lets your branded product stand out to retail and wholesale purchasers. Faced with many challenges, such as lack of creative and financ… Read More
  • Summer 2015 Beer Packaging Trends

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, June 17, 2015 It’s finally summer, which means dining al fresco, barbecues, and lounging by the pool. It’s also perfect weather for an ice cold beer. As beverage packaging is one of our specialties, we pay close attention to seasonal beer packaging… Read More
  • Support Your Packaging: Get the Right Signage

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, June 3, 2015 Signage, not word of mouth or other forms of advertising, is responsible for attracting 10 new walk-in customers in a week’s period. Experience, as well as the above excerpt from a study conducted by the University of San Diego School of B… Read More
  • Packaging for Millennials

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, May 21, 2015 When we create prototypes at Create It Packaging, we consider the lifestyles of our customers. According to a Nielsen study, many millennials already live in the city or plan on moving there. Due to this urban trend, Create It Packaging and… Read More
  • 3 Packaging Trends To Follow

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, April 30, 2015 The packaging industry is always going through changes, and product manufacturers are always seeking new ways to stay atop of trends. At Create It Packaging, we strive to give our clients the most up-to-date options for their packaging ne… Read More
  • Go Nuts for Flexible Packaging

    By Cris Lauer Aranda, April 18, 2015 5 ways flexible packaging prototypes will elevate your product At Create It Packaging, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the client experience. Flexible packaging is experiencing rapid growth and leading trade publication… Read More