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Imagine all the sports-related products encountered on a daily basis, from baseball caps to coffee mugs. The average consumer does not realize that these products are not created by each professional sports league, itself. Rather, outside companies pay a premium to associate their products with highly-solicited sports leagues. This level of name recognition can act as a springboard or even a catapult, depending on the popularity of the sport, to help propel unknown brands into higher sales brackets. For this reason, the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show arrives at the Las Vegas Convention Center every year to provide each exhibitor the opportunity to display its sports-branded product to hoards of attendees seeking the next hot ticket item. Read about our appearance at the 2014 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show, as the packaging prototype specialist for Chicago start-up Super Tailgate Plate.

The price of such association with sports brands always extends beyond the dollar amount, as each brand has specific requirements that dictate how its logo design is to be displayed on products and packaging. The National Football League (NFL), for example, has strict guidelines that determine how the NFL logo will appear on each licensed product. Our latest service portfolio sample provides a perfect example of an NFL-licensed product.

NFL Rush Zone, an online gaming community created for children 6 – 13 years old, recently requested a corrugated packaging mockup that displays the NFL logo in two distinct styles. After reviewing the branding elements which include such items as color, font style, logo size, and surrounding packaging design themes, Create It Packaging completed the digitally-printed prototype to meet exact specifications. The resulting corrugated box stands out from the crowd with its bright, reflective surface, and detailed design. Whether presented as a sales sample, or at a larger booth display, NFL Rush Zone now has polished packaging that proudly displays its NFL licensed logo.

Is your company investing in brand-licensing? We can help make your budget last and your product stand out with our digitally-printed packaging mockups. Send us your artwork today.

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