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Packaging Prototypes for Manufacturing


This summer, we shared a series of important packaging tips on LinkedIn from CEO Brian Lewis.  CEO Tip #5 (right) sparked further discussion about how we partner with clients throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our packaging prototypes are easily compatible with every step of production.  After all, creating effective package designs requires more than attractive brand artwork.

Packaging Manufacturing
To extend the life of package designs beyond the mock-up, or prototype stage, structural designers require intimate knowledge of manufacturing tools, equipment, and materials. The latter, as well as the complexity of the design are determined by the desired packaging production method:

  1. Handmade:  This service is primarily offered by companies outside the U.S., which maintain a large, dedicated staff capable of gluing, folding, labeling, etc. 
  2. Automated:  Packaging machinery requires detailed specifications of material size and type to meet product needs. Depending on the desired level of automated technology, this option requires varying levels of design complexity. 

Packaging Fulfillment
How is packaging filled with product and transported?  By understanding the fulfillment processes through which clients bring products to market, packaging professionals can also tailor designs for the highest level of efficiency to accommodate different shapes, sizes, and materials, such as perishable foods, fragile objects, and more.

Post your questions in the comment section below, or contact us to speak with one of our talented structural designers about packaging prototypes for manufacturing.

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