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Packaging Basics: What Consumers Expect


You have a great product that serves your customers’ needs. How do you get your customers to choose your product off the shelf instead of your competitor’s? The answer is packaging.

Branding and product description are important to customers, but perhaps, equally as important is structural packaging. Studies show that packaging has a deep impact on initial and repeat purchase behaviors.

When designing retail product packaging – go back to packaging basics. Things to remember: 

  • Don’t make them look for it. Color is a vital component of your packaging, but shape is also an important factor. Consider utilizing something more unique, such as a unique bottle shape in shrink wrap packaging or a box printed with an embossing effect.
  • Pick sturdy materials. When customers use your product over an extended period, appeal to them more by ensuring the product maintains its shape rather than getting worn out, or messy. Craft packaging is a durable alternative.
  • Keep it fresh. If your product can expire or lose freshness, make sure you choose a secure reseal feature. Consumers expect such products to come in packaging that maintains freshness.
  • Make it easy to open. Today’s consumers demand user-friendliness. When customers buy your product, they expect to use it without any hassle. Therefore, while freshness and appearance are essential, inconvenient packaging is frowned upon.

Choosing the right packaging to increase brand image, add value, and satisfy your customers even more. Ask us how today.

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